My Knitting Story – Finger Knitting

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My knitting story starts with single finger knitting

Fibre Flux Blog has a fantastic article about the way to finger knit.

I was around 5/6 years old and as I was young I was interested in what my Nan was doing, so I asked and she said knitting, something new to me and I was interested in what she was doing, so she explained knitting to me but I wasn’t able to use the knitting needles as they are sharp at the points.

so she showed me basic finger knitting which can be found at the above link. I was given a ball of wool and was started of with the knitting and it was so so much fun, I would do some finger knitting when I visited my Nan.

My Nan and other family members would kindly give me a ball of wool which would make me happy as it meant that I could finger knitting some more!

But after a few years of knitting a ball was made, many years the finger knitting ball became the size of a football, I even contemplated submitting it to the guiness book of records, but didn’t, as I grew older I wanted to learn how to knit properly and I did, it was hard at first but over the years of doing it, it’s second nature now

I knit for my local hospital and I have knit for the big knit for 3 years now, I’m still learning things every day with knitting

The biggest thing I have learnt with knitting is that it is such a great way to relax and calm you.