The 10 types of knitters

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The 10 types of knitters


Do you love a bit of organisation? Or is creative chaos more your thing? Everyone has their own knitting style and we think you should embrace it! Here are our ten types of knitters:

What type of knitter are you?

The beginner – You’ve got more holes in your first project than swiss cheese, but everyone had to start somewhere, so call it lacework and wear it with pride!

One stitch pony – You know your strengths, and your strengths are a garter stitch scarf. Everyone’s getting one and if they’re really lucky next year they might get a matching hat.

Stash addict – It’s not so much about knitting with the yarn as buying it. And hiding it around the house. Is that a gap under the guest bed we see? Quick, buy more!

The planner – You’ve organised presents for the whole of next year – birthdays, Christmas, weddings. Now if people could just let you know before they plan to have a baby that would really help.

Yarn snob – Someone tried to give you an acrylic yarn the other day and you visibly shuddered. 100% Peruvian alpaca only please.

The speedster – You don’t know why you even bother casting on, you’ll be casting off so soon. You can make a pair of socks in the time it takes others to make a cup of tea.

Male knitter – A rare sight to be seen. Speak softly so you don’t scare this talented and precise knitter away!

Freestyler – Pattern? What pattern? Other knitters are in awe (and a bit jealous if we’re honest) of your ability to knit without a pattern.

The social knitter – You love a good get together over tea and biscuits or maybe even a glass of wine. If only you didn’t keep forgetting to bring your knitting.

The WIP knitter – You’ve got more left socks than even a bad dancer needs and so many jumpers without sleeves you’re hoping vests will make a come back.